Let's Dance!

group dance

Thanksgiving morning class

GRACE & Gravity

10:30 am

Take It Easy Tuesdays

4:30 pm with Beth O’Neall

The music volume will be a little lower. 

There’s more free dance so you can explore movement your own way and drop more deeply into sensation. 

We ease gently into the Get Moving stage and stay in Levels 1 and 2 throughout class. 

Cues are designed to help us move more efficiently and with the most pleasure. 

While perfect for all levels, this class may help students who are coming back to movement after time away. 

Many classes with me can be loud, rowdy fun with opportunities for Level 3 movements, intervals, and high intensity. In contrast, these Tuesday classes are a time to advance our fitness and health by moving more slowly, with intention, and with the gentle support of a community of like-minded dancers. 


Want to know what it’s like to take a Nia class? 

Check out the fun we had dancing at Studio Sway.

Promo video shot & edited by Ailin O’Neall.

Dancers: Diane Agnew, Michele Carter, Hayley Davis, Elyse Fahey, Jennifer Fiordelisi, Susan Goodan, Katie Jackson, Carl Parker, Gia Scarpeta, Heidi Wolne, and Barb Wulf


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